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By | February 16, 2016

Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Cover

Welcome to Plastic Canvas Designs – your go-to site for plastic canvas patterns, projects and tutorials.

My name is Jennifer and I have been crafting with plastic canvas since I was a little girl – so about 25 years now.  My grandma taught me and now I have the pleasure of teaching my own daughters to craft with plastic canvas.

Plastic Canvas Christmas Village

My favorite plastic canvas crafts to make are holiday decorations for my home. I have a Christmas Village made entirely from plastic canvas and try to make a new piece for it each year.  I also love making wall hangings, ornaments, and all sorts of other decorations from plastic canvas.

I am going to be kicking things off here at Plastic Canvas Designs by uploading all the patterns I have designed over the years.  I want people to be able to enjoy them instead of the patterns just languishing on my hard drive.  Then I want to share a how to guide for people who are new to the craft.  Then I am going to get right back into designing with some fun holiday plastic canvas patterns.

It is getting to be so hard to find plastic canvas supplies in stores these days.  I hope that Plastic Canvas Designs grows into your go-to spot on the web for all things plastic canvas – instructions, patterns, and supplies.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Crafting!

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